When Fears Melt Away

When we are prepared to meet our problems and concerns from another line of thought, fears that appeared as solids and liquids morph into gases of an invisible form, and they dissipate into the ether.

And though such fears are destined to re-emerge we have the key to resolving our problems when we take not just a step back, but a step sideways as well.

But first of all we must take counsel from the truth about The Truth.

The truth is always our best advocate if we will trust God enough to seek it.

Fear keeps us from the truth and, only then, we lay exposed. If we get over our fear of aligning with the truth we stand to be blessed – to stand in the Court of Awareness.


Courts are where truth is presented, besides allusions to justice gone wrong. When we bring our problems (presented at the feeling level as fears) before the court of our awareness we face those fears and find the fearful component of the problem falls away, because we have met the fear fearlessly in the truth.

When our truth is allowed to stand on its feet, without innuendo opposing it, the truth shines as an unopposed beacon creating awareness.

This is fundamental for our courage as we need some reason, some vote, for faith.

When we stand up from the witness dock, with all innuendo annulled, we stand with the humble confidence to face the problem without all its noisy, unhelpful bells and whistles. These present as our anxiety in the midst of our problems.

This is a court like we have never experienced before.

The judge is the Holy Spirit and the Judge will discern and not allow falsity against us. But we must see things as a third, impartial person would see them. There is no defence and no prosecution – only the truth enters this court.

In an experience of court like this we have agreed to walk with the truth, probably because we have a full faith that the truth is safe in this environment.

The Court of Awareness is a safe place where we are at one with reality in our minds. In this state we neither get too far ahead of ourselves nor do we get caught up in our pasts. We are safely present. Awareness and the truth go hand in hand. Each is necessary for the other. Each of awareness and truth provide for each other.


Fears melt away in the presence of truth. When we come to be aware of the truth about our circumstances – that besides anything, endurance will win the day – our fears melt away.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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