Life’s Pyramid

Life has a lot etched to it. Every human should always try to live it to their best. Having undertaken a preview of a number of analyses made by psychologists, it is sure obvious that there is a foundation upon which if one lived through then their life would be more or less next to perfect. I will call it the pyramid of life. It is damn obvious that one would never get you by reversing the digits of your contacts and call you. Otherwise the reverse would give you the right option. Life has a lot in it, ranging from relationships, finances, health, education, religion, if named; they would not fit to as many pages since the list always seems to grow longer. Given all these, it is important for every one to note that one will always seek to prioritize what should be done. Though there is still too much one may need, priorities come in the form of a pyramid with the highly important issues at the base.

Top on the list of priorities is the personal health. One’s body is the temple of Christ. As stipulated in the holy book, it is incumbent upon every individual to take his or her body through the best nutritional and healthy way. Exercise often. Eat well and treat any ailments as they can. With good health and energy one can enjoy anything. There are no limits. Actually, someone can get to experience the sweetness of life.

Second comes emotional cognitive. Ones emotions tend to relate directly to how they interpret issues in life. This interpretation of life shapes your happiness and vice versa. The more you stay happy, the more one lengthens his or her life; this is because life becomes meaningful to anyone who sees its importance.

Relationships come next in the list. Man is not an island. It is common to many men that they may have all it takes, the money, a career… Virtually everything, but without a family, life becomes as empty. Note that these relations only become important when they are meaningful and up to rebuilding one’s life. Some of them may include family and friends.

Career is also very important. One must always have something he or she is doing, one they can identify with. Whether self or employed, it should always bring something back to every individual. This is why then there should be mission as well for the career. Always endeavor to grow.

Finance is next. Once you have a career, financial capability comes along. It is obvious that in the contemporary world it is difficult to survive without a considerable financial capability. Finances allow the person to acquire virtually about everything they need at ease. It comes with a comfort of its own. Finance relates to about everything in life and defines someone.

Spirituality is final in the pyramid. There is one sole creator who the least he or she asks for is acknowledgement. A personal relationship with God is something that cannot be ignored, actually one cannot do without.

Actually, life is aligned to the above and cannot work without any of them. Important to consider however is the order under which they are stated.

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