Life is Meant to Be Lived

I’ve always been a huge fan of promoting simpler living. Lives today are just too fast paced and busy. This causes a lot of undo stress on families. I think it is so important and valuable to slow things down and take the time to rest and soak in life. I believe this and I’ve felt this when I’ve experienced it myself. The energy and renewal that slowing down has given me has been so important.

Yet as much as I believe that rest, relaxation, and taking a “time out” in life is important at times – lately I’ve been seeing how dangerous it can be if you take that “time out” for too long. You see, I think if you step away from life altogether or for long periods of time, then sometimes the hazard is in being afraid to step back in it again.

If you are away from being social with other women or participating in bible studies or women’s retreats for too long of a time frame, it is more than uncomfortable to find your way back into those connections again. If you don’t ever travel and participate in life or impacting other people’s lives, it is too easy to say that you can’t do it, or that the lifestyle just isn’t for you.

We get too comfortable. That’s our problem. And that’s a very different problem than just needing some time to replenish our souls amidst a busy society. We get in a rut and learn to lean on our own isolated comforts instead of going out and living life and letting that “living” breathe its own life back into our hearts.

Everyone has a purpose here on earth. I believe that. But if we let our fears of rejection, of flying, of not being good enough for something…whatever… get in the way of our throwing ourselves into living a full life, then we are simply victims of that fear. And I don’t want to live life as a victim because that’s not living.

Taking the time to slow down your life is important. But it has its time and its place. Being involved in life and in impacting other people’s lives has a very real place too. That can’t be done if you don’t make connections with others or allow yourself to grasp onto opportunities that sometimes may throw you in new and uncertain situations.

I think you will find that if you take some risks in your life, if those risks are for the good of others or to help you or someone else grow in their faith and spiritual walk, you will get just as much energy for your heart and soul as you would if you took a “time out” from life. It’s just a different kind of fire that lights inside of you; yet every bit as important.

Make sure that you aren’t simply sitting at home dreaming but that you are actually going out there and living. There are opportunities everywhere and God can use you. Today. Now. Don’t let the fear of striking out (or failing) keep you out of the game of life.

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