101 Ways to Say Yes! To Life

It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to live it to the fullest. Here are 101 Ways To Say YES! To Life. Modify them to fit your budget and safety needs (say YES! to life by being smart about your safety, too!), use them to spark your own ideas, or pick one as a worthy goal to work towards.

  1. Sing into your hairbrush in the car during rush hour traffic
  2. Have business cards printed up with a positive anonymous message -leave them on people’s windshields.
  3. Have a pajama party with your mom… or your brothers and sisters… or your friends…
  4. Volunteer to hold babies at the hospital.
  5. Walk barefoot in the grass.
  6. Kiss a puppy.
  7. Drink your morning coffee sitting outside.
  8. Watch an anthill.
  9. Take an art class.
  10. Learn a musical instrument.
  11. Call an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  12. Watch old family movies.
  13. Hold up a sign on a street corner for “Free Hugs”.
  14. Raise money for your favorite cause.
  15. Walk in the rain – without an umbrella or raincoat.
  16. Splash in a mud puddle.
  17. Play hide and go seek.
  18. Surprise your partner with a ‘treasure hunt’ for a gift ‘just because… ‘.
  19. Make jewelry for your mom out of macaroni.
  20. Ask a senior citizen to show you pictures from their life.
  21. Think of something you’ve ‘always wanted to do’ and haven’t – and then do it!
  22. Get your co-workers out for ‘karaoke night’.
  23. Throw your coat over a puddle for someone you love to walk on.
  24. Go on a picnic.
  25. Skip lunch one day a week and send the money you’re saving to your favorite charity.
  26. Get a facial.
  27. Get a massage.
  28. Watch the sun set.
  29. Go to the beach.
  30. Climb a mountain.
  31. Mentor a child.
  32. Get a license plate with a ‘message’.
  33. Karaoke.
  34. Sing in the rain.
  35. Have a tea party.
  36. Stop and smell the roses – literally.
  37. Ride your bike into work.
  38. Carpool to work.
  39. Adopt a child.
  40. Go kayaking.
  41. Fly a kite.
  42. Roll downhill in the grass.
  43. Build a sand castle.
  44. Catch (and release) butterflies.
  45. Raise butterflies.
  46. Send live butterflies as a gift.
  47. Play peek-a-book with a baby.
  48. Sponsor a child.
  49. Teach someone to read.
  50. Perform a random act of kindness and keep it a secret.
  51. The next time someone asks to borrow money, tell them not to pay it back but to pay it forward!
  52. Take an alternative Spring Break.
  53. Take a vacation from healthy eating.
  54. Volunteer.
  55. Feed a stray cat.
  56. Feed the homeless on Thanksgiving.
  57. Pick up litter.
  58. Take a grocery cart with you when you’re walking from the parking lot into the story.
  59. The next time you get great customer service, make sure you tell then AND their manager.
  60. Spay or neuter a stray cat.
  61. Quit smoking. Really.
  62. Plant a butterfly garden.
  63. Hang a bird feeder.
  64. visit a nursing home.
  65. Treat yourself to an extra hit on the snooze button.
  66. Get a pedicure.
  67. Buy a computer for you local elementary school.
  68. Plant flowers.
  69. Plant a tree.
  70. Set up a car pooling system for your coworkers to use.
  71. Call your best friend and tell them how much they mean to you.
  72. When you’re on the phone with someone you love, never hang up without saying “I love you.”
  73. Take the day off from shaving.
  74. Join a gym.
  75. Be an audience member in the live taping of your favorite talk show.
  76. Surprise someone you love with a free housecleaning.
  77. Take a date or a friend to the airport and people watch.
  78. Make the person who’s made the biggest difference in your life “King” or “Queen for a Day”.
  79. Create a hot date night.
  80. Donate to a local charity.
  81. Baby-sit for a friend.
  82. Watch the sun rise at the beach.
  83. Adopt a pet from your local animal shelter
  84. Take your favorite dog for a walk.
  85. Help your neighbors carry in their groceries.
  86. Splash in a mud puddle with your kids.
  87. Go on a pilgrimage.
  88. Create world peace by starting with your life, in your home, on your job and with your family and friends in your neighborhood.
  89. The next time you see a car broken down on the side of the road, either stop and help or call roadside assistance for them.
  90. Host a family night.
  91. Eat dinner with your family.
  92. Play a board game with your family.
  93. Send holiday cards this year.
  94. Cancel all the meetings at the office for a week.
  95. Shower outside.
  96. Bake a birthday cake in your birthday suit.
  97. Create a ‘This Is Your Life’ life review complete with pictures, music and at least 1 surprise guest for someone you love.
  98. Build a genealogy web site for your family.
  99. Research the genealogy of your family and give away copies at the next family reunion.
  100. Create a family reunion.
  101. Design matching t-shirts with and for you and your family.

Your partner in saying “YES!” passionately to life,

Tracy Batwinas

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